The Private part of numscout is designed to answer all these questions. numscout uses numerological calculations to show you your potentials, your challenges, your life path and your unconscious programs that make you do what you do.

numscout answers the questions you have about your family, your children, your friends or your work colleagues. For example, do you ever wonder why you are not successful or why about 2 years after your marriage the marital problems started? Or - which name will help your child in his life and which one will only put obstacles in his way? numscout can also help you with which name you can best support your future children on their way through life.

Questions about questions... numscout has an answer to many of your questions and shows you within seconds where your chances or problems lie from a numerological point of view. Let yourself be surprised what the numbers have to say about you and the life of your loved ones.

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