The current year and date of birth can be used to calculate which personal year you are in. We move in cycles of 9. Each cycle stands for a life theme that dominates the respective year. This can be work, personal education, starting a family or another life project.

The year 1. It stands for a new beginning.

New projects, relationships and ideas should be carefully prepared and launched in a 1-year period.

The year 2 stands for patience.

Something that needs to have a solid foundation requires attention, attention to detail, cooperation and good communication.

The year of 3 is the year of indulgence.

Success begins to show. The project starts to grow and gets attention. You see how your ideas manifest themselves. Joy arises.

The year of 4 is the year of structure.

Details become important, it is a matter of sorting out the unimportant, creating new structures and organization so that the project can grow.

The year of 5 is the year for new spaces.

Your project needs more space. Remove things that hinder your project so that it can grow undisturbed. Give your thoughts more space, think big and be happy about the growth and change. (For example, it could mean moving to create more space).

The year of 6 is the year of love and care.

Give your project plenty of attention. It needs to be lovingly nurtured and cared for so that it can continue to grow.

The year of 7 is the year of reassessment.

Every project needs to be adjusted from time to time. Take another close look at everything and check where you can change or improve things. You will learn many new things that will help you to optimize your project.

The year of 8 is the year of distribution and enjoyment.

Your love, your work, all the energy you have put into the project will now be rewarded. Whether through recognition (status), money and material prosperity or through spiritual fulfillment depends, of course, on your project.

The year of 9 is the year of full ENDING

In a 9-year, many things are ended to make room for something new. In a 9 year, for example, you should not start any new projects, get married or enter into important partnerships. These will not last long. It's like when the trees shed their leaves in the fall. Let go of the old before you start something new.

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