There are many different types of numerology around the world. We at numscout have spent years analyzing and testing many of them. We went far back in history and finally ended up with a very original type of numerology. This type has impressed us incredibly, because it is the most precise of all. It also has a very narrow range of interpretation, which makes it particularly suitable for our platform.

Numerology = Mathematics & Physics?

We call numerology the mathematics of life. Each letter is assigned a certain number from 1 - 9. Each number has a very specific and clearly defined meaning. Each word has therefore, if one looks at it from the view of the numbers, a completely certain identification. This can be calculated by determining the cross sums of the numbers of the individual letters. The calculation does not seem to be so complicated at first sight, however, the problem is the exceptions. There are certain number combinations which, if they are not calculated differently than most others, lead to a wrong result at the end of the calculation.

As we know from physics, the world consists of energy. Each atom is a small power station. The double-slit experiment, which is often used in quantum physics, shows that the expectation of the person performing it alone influences the outcome of the experiment. The expectation is thus a kind of magnetism, which predetermines the outcome of the experiment.

First Name & Last Name & Date of Birth

If we take the first name, the surname and the date of birth of a person, this combination creates a very specific magnetic energy identifier. This means that the date of birth and the complete name of a person, pulls his life like a magnet in a very specific direction. Numerology now knows which life themes are located in his direction. The individuality of a person makes each person deal with the themes differently. However, no one can escape his life themes. The exciting thing about it is, if we know our life themes, we can act completely differently, because groping in the dark of ignorance ceases. If I know the life themes of another, I can meet him completely differently. Because I know what challenges him and what qualities can result from it.

In numerology we know a total of 9 different areas of life. In addition there are potentized sub-forms, which show up in the form of so-called guilt and master numbers. When we calculate a person, we always calculate the first and last name as well as the date of birth. This results in a big picture, a potpourri of numbers describing the life parameters of a person. Numscout tries to present this in a way that is as understandable and professional as possible for everyone, in order to offer a new kind of life help.

You will gain insights and clues that will help you make difficult decisions and seize important opportunities in your life. You will also find out in which personal year you are and whether it is currently the right time to start a new project.

With numscout you become a number pro and can calculate the following:

  • Birthday number
  • Life number
  • Life goal
  • External and internal perception
  • Balance
  • Missing life lessons
  • Happy days
  • Power days

At numscout, all of your calculations remain saved in your profile, even if your subscription has expired. You can buy a new subscription at any time and add more calculations to your existing ones. You can also download all your calculations via PDF.

Simply choose the number subscription that suits you best. Whether you're a trial, a beginner, an expert or a numbers pro, there's a numbers subscription to suit everyone. You can pay conveniently and easily via Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Apple Pay or Bitcoin.

The difference lies in the possibilities of the offered calculations. While "For Private" the focus is on the personal figures and the environment, "For Business" can be calculated in addition to the private calculations also figures for slogans, products, prices, website, etc..

Everywhere in your everyday life you are influenced by your numbers. With numscout you can calculate your personal numbers quickly and easily. With numscout you can not only calculate your personal numbers, but also those of your friends, family, acquaintances, employees, bosses, etc. numscout also calculates the numbers for your pet, your address, your phone number, your e-mail or your car number. Let yourself be surprised what the world of numbers has in store for you and become a number professional.