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Everywhere in your everyday life you are influenced by your numbers. With numscout, you can calculate your personal numbers quickly and easily. This gives you insights and clues that help you make difficult decisions and take advantage of important opportunities in your life.


Do you know your



What about your personal numbers or those of relatives and acquaintances? A person's last name, first name, and date of birth can tell you a lot about them, their behavior, and their challenges.



Man's best friend is the dog. Whether dog or cat, animal names can also be checked on numscout and allow conclusions about character traits and much more.


Number plates

Debt figures in the license plate? Not a good idea! Better are license plates, with an 11. What about you?



Lack of harmony and always something going on? The names and birth dates of your family members tell you many of their needs and what challenges they face.


Telephone Number

Being reachable at all times and in all places is good form these days. But does your phone number suit you? Or are you just using it to pay off debt?



Do you feel at home? Where you live, the name of the street, the house number, the zip code and the city, all this can have an influence. The numbers have the right input ready for this as well.

11.- CHF

You want to discover your personal numbers? Then our trial subscription is just right for you.

  • Experience the whole world of numscout for four days.
  • Renew your subscription at any time.
  • All calculations remain saved in your profile.

38.- CHF

You want to know more about your personal numbers? Calculate your life path, your outer and inner perception or discover your life lessons.

  • Calculate everything to your heart's content for one month.
  • Discover the whole world of numbers.
  • All your calculations at a glance.

191.- CHF

For your personal figures and those of your family and friends. With our subscription for experts, you not only calculate your own numbers, but also those of your environment.

  • Advise friends and family on their numbers.
  • Unlimited use of numscout for six months.
  • Export all calculations as PDF.

380.- CHF

The subscription for real numbers professionals. All aspects of numbers available everywhere and at any time in your personal profile.

  • The long-term subscription for real professionals.
  • No matter what, no matter where - one year with everything.
  • Whether for you personally or for others.